Thursday, August 5, 2010

OUR PROFILE: Training on Children and Youth Theatre

PTLT has organized a number of training workshops on Children and Youth Theatre

1996 Conducted a theatre workshop for 80 children from four primary schools in Ilala district. Establishment of School Health Clubs followed the workshop. Plan International funded the workshop.

1999. Conducted a participatory theatre workshop for three primary schools in Kinondoni and Temeke Municipalities. The workshop focused on children health with emphasis on school environment as a source of health hazards

2000. Workshop on Children theatre for eight Primary school teachers from four Plan supported schools. The workshop focused on Creation Process of children Theatre and management of Children Theatre Groups.

2000 Conducted Children Theatre Festival during African Child Day

2002 Conducted a study on Child Rights using Community theatre Approach in Morogoro Rural and Kinondoni.

2005 Trained Interactive Theatre in Shangilia Mtoto wa Africa Nairobi Kenya. The center is for vulnerable children.

2006 Conducted theatre training for Young people in ISHI programme on interactive Theatre.

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